Monday, February 15, 2016

Window Sash Repair

Seeking to repair damaged or old window sashes? If so , you are able to repair it yourself in 6 easy steps. You don’t need to put money into having a professional do it when you can easily repair your old window sashes on your own. All you will need is plyers, oil primer, and a deglazing tool to complete the job.

Remove Window Sashes

You will first want to score the paint fromthe window jamb to the wooden interior stop. After completing that you will need to make use of a pry bar in order to complete pulling it off. The ultimate goal is always to remove it in one piece.

You will want to place the sash to the side, to help you reinstall it later.

Remove the Old Glazing

Now you will need to eliminate the old glaze, you'll need a good deglazing tool. This will help you chisel the pilot bearing on the back side. You will want to hold your tool at a 45 degree angle for the best results.

Remove Paint

After you strip the glazing you are able to go back and strip the paint. You should make sure you carefully remove all of the paint without damaging the glass.

Sand and Prime

Once the paint and the glaze are off, you can make sure the surface is clean and then sand it. You will want to make sure the glass channel is clean. If you need to, you should use a polyester-resin wood filler to areas that may be rotted. You should follow the guidelines, then sand smooth. After that is done, you will need start priming the faces of the sash with oil based primer. Try a Chicago Glass Repair specialist today!

Add Glazing

Now that we removed the paint, and the wood is cleaned up and primed. We have to prepare the sash before the glass can return. You will want to make use of a window glaze which will end up sitting internally part of the window, that may give it a supplementary seal for the glass. You will need to make use of a small amount of glaze on all sides of the window. Don’t worry about excess glaze because that can easily be cleaned up once you install the glass it self.

With the glaze applied, you can set the glass back to the sash, and press onto right back of the window sash. You will need to make sure that the glass is tightly snugged all over.

Clean the Sash

Now that you got every thing put back together all that is left to do is clean the sash. Make certain there is no extra glaze and that the glass is precisely secure. Once that's complete, you will be ready to install it and the procedure is complete.

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